Work Update 2020-03-27

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Highlights from today’s update. Please watch the video for the whole message.
  • Next week is the same plan as this week. Thank you.
  • While we’re not close to having a perfect record, I’ll hope you trust that we were pretty good over the last 30 years.
  • Together we succeed, do your part, find a part to do, offer suggestions that you can do, don’t jump to what others should be doing.
  • We wrote $259,000 last week, that’s above goal and will keep us busy.
  • As a point of reference, our worst weeks are less than $65,000 and during those weeks people kept their jobs, we just swept a lot.
  • Please stop watching doom and gloom news or any social post that tries to make you react emotionally. Look for facts and consider them before you react.
  • Check out
  • Availability Heuristic – Careful what springs to mind, work to confirm it before reacting
  • Negative Bias – Think what’s the probability, make pros and cons lists before jumping to a negative thought.
  • Confirmation Bias – Reprogram your brain to find solutions and possibilities as your first reaction.

Link to the [16.09min] Video

Thank you for being part of my team! Make sure you do your part. Share the load with others on the team.

David Kovacs,