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Snow 2019-02-20

Hello, check the weather and drive as you feel safe. Here is a news update. 12PM Weather Impact Report – Roads becoming snow covered, crashes starting to increase. Reduce speeds.

Snow in NJ and PA – Drive Carefully.

Currently, it is snowing in NJ and PA the roads are slippery. This is the first alert for those at DMR. This is an alert that is texted to the cell phone number you provided. Be safe.

SO BRUNSWICK PD: Roads in the Township are crippled. Widespread damage and power outages. Stay off the roads. Reply with a friend’s # to forward

CRANBURY POLICE: Heavy wet snow/winds creating dangerous conditions outside; falling branches, downed wires, poor road conditions.

Winter Weather Coming

Hello, I’m encouraging you to drive when you feel capable to arrive safely. Please also communicate any changes to your schedule with the department lead. We prefer for super local weather reports.

Wednesday Feb 7th

** Sleet & Ice ** Roads WEST WINDSOR PD: ** Sleet & Ice ** Roads are currently safe for reduced speed travel but uncertain precipitation may change this

Fri Fed 2 – Looks wet is ice, careful!

Parking lot n side roads deceiving look wet but r slippery. Team almost bit it coming in

Wed 1/17 – Roads a bit slippery. Careful

Cecil reports “Parking lot a little slick” Town reports “WEST WINDSOR PD: Roads slippery, leave xtra distance when stopping, Side roads & less traveled roads snow covered. Rt 1 Clear”

Thursday 6:30AM Update

Travel as you feel safe. Here’s what it looks like at the shop this morning.

8am Update – Still closed

CRANBURY POLICE: Overnight snow of approx 6″ All roads snow covered. Another 6 to 8″ expected. Please remain off roadways to allow snow removal/management.