10/29 Team Member Tested Positive for COVID-19

Team Member Tested Positive for COVID-19

Hello, We are notifying everyone that one of our team members has tested positive for COVID-19. Here are the timelines and key dates as we know them.

On Sunday, November 22 Jamie McLennan woke up with symptoms that included congestion (stuffy nose) and a headache. Jamie visited his doctor who gave him medicine and did not advise him to get a COVID test at that time. We asked Jamie if he had any reason to believe he was exposed to COVID. Jamie said he had no reason to believe he was exposed.

We made the decision to have Jamie stay at home and ask him to get a negative test to return to work.

[CORRECTION] On Friday, November 27th Jamie went to get a COVID test.

On Sunday, November 29th Jamie received a call from the testing facility that he tested positive for COVID-19. We are waiting for information from Jamie’s Doctor.

The last date Jamie was in PA, was Friday November 20.
The last date Jamie was in NJ, was Monday November 16.

This information is for the entire company. This applies to NJ and PA.

Stay home if sick
Wear masks at 10@10
Wear masks while in conversation
If you are talking in the building, do it through a mask.
Wear masks if within 6 feet of another
Wash your hands more frequently
Sanitize your hands if you cannot wash
Sanitize your area daily
Avoid the public

We will provide an update when we are notified of any changes.

NOTE: This information was sent . . .

  • via email to everyone with a company email address
  • via Zoho People announcements
  • via test message to everyone included in the ALERT SYSTEM database.

If you did not receive a txt on your cell phone, you can send your cell number and cell phone provider (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.) to david@allegraprinceton.com e.g. Please add me to ALERTS SYSTEM my cell phone number is 609-555-1212. My cell phone service provider is Sprint.