Good News Network

Hello there! I thought I’d make a post where we can share good news with each other. Feel free to add a comment for all to read. Share a smile to help keep our spirits high while we’re moving through the stay at home order together.

We are doing good and that’s because of your efforts to keep 6 feet apart, staying home, washing your hands and reducing your trips in public.

Don’t tell the others but you are my favorite! Thanks for being part of the team!

Add your comments below. Your comments will be read by all who visit this post so, keep it PG-13 😉


19 comments on “Good News Network
  1. David Kovacs says:

    Good news, today it’s supposed to reach a high of 70 degrees!
    Bad news, I’m overdue for a hair cut. What if I end up with a Tiger King mullet.

  2. Sue says:

    Lol. Photos are required. Enjoy the great weather. Happy Easter.

  3. Hoping everyone is having a great weekend! Sharing this amazingly sweet little man and hoping it brings you a smile and melts your heart like he did mine!

  4. Angela says:

    Happy and healthy Easter to you all! Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful weather with your (immediate) family!
    My husband and I are celebrating our 17th anniversary today!

  5. Maurice says:

    Finally cleaning up my studio. I mean how much laundry can you do? No really, I can actually walk into the studio.

  6. Terry says:

    Happy Easter
    Happy Hanukkah
    Have a Blessed day

  7. David Palmer says:

    Happy Easter to everyone, hope everyone is making the best out of strange way to celebrate, wishing everyone the best ! Blessings to all.

  8. Terry says:

    Oop”s, I meant Passover !!

  9. Michelle says:

    Happy Easter! I hope everyone enjoyed this beautiful day!
    And Happy Anniversary Angela! ‍❤️‍

  10. Happy Easter and Passover to everyone. I put in over 16 hours of yard work the past 3 days and loved every minute of it. Weather was awesome, glad to be outside and alive! I miss all of you working from home. Hopefully we’ll be together at the shop real soon!

  11. Heidi says:

    Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Today was perfect BBQ weather… just sayin…

  12. Dean says:

    Don’t tell the others but you are my favorite! Thanks for being part of the team!

    I know you meant that for me, but you made it public.

  13. Jamie says:

    I spent the weekend grilling so all was good.
    Hope everyone had a nice Easter / Passover.

  14. Mark says:

    Hope everyone enjoyed the Easter/ Passover weekend. We got together with the family via Zoom…made clean up a LOT easier. Hopefully it’s all downhill from here and we get back together soon.

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