Team Update and Options Available to YOU

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Hello, This is our first alert in 2020.

Team Update and Options Available to YOU

To All Team Members,
As you know we are going through unprecedented times, our reality has changed due to COVID-19 Coronavirus which has affected each of us personally and as a business.  Because the situation continues to change quickly we will need to be fluid in our actions and appreciate your patience and understanding as we go through this together.  Your well being is important to us and therefore we feel it is important that we take some time to provide some information on 1) what we have been doing, 2) what we need from you, 3) what we will continue to do and 4) what we will be doing going forward. We want to reassure you we are not shutting down. However, will be adjusting to the current temporary situation.
1) What we have been doing: providing sanitizing wipes, alcohol wipes, disinfectant spray, Vitamin C beverages, and hand sanitizer.  In addition, we have posted information regarding hygiene recommendations and now include CDC updates at our 10@10.
2) What we need from you: to ensure these resources are effective – please use the items provided, wipe down your area daily.  Take a minute to spray the door handles, light switches, and toilet when you use the facilities.   When visiting the kitchen and/or other common areas, wipe the fridge, microwaves, and counters.  When all of us do this together we reduce our risk significantly.  Thank you in advance and please continue to help us fight the good fight!
In addition, we have a cleaning crew in each location on a weekly basis.  The crew has been asked to increase the level of detail and time spent sanitizing our common areas to assist us in keeping our environment clean.
3) What we will continue to do:  we will continue to do what we have been doing and ask for your continued participation in protecting yourself and others from handwashing to sanitizing.  At this time that is truly our best line of defense!
We have been working in a “business as usual” manner, however, new information has brought us to a decision that it is important to shift a bit over the next couple of weeks.
4) What we will be doing going forward – we will remain open and will continue to serve our customers.  Customers may continue to pick up however they must call ahead as this will be by appointment only.  Modifications for our team include a choice for work hours.  We have two shifts available, you now have the option to work your regular shift or if you would prefer, you may work on the 2nd shift, thus reducing the number of people in the building and increasing social distancing.  We are fortunate that both of our locations are spacious, which allows us to work with each other at the appropriate distance as advised.  In addition, if business needs and workloads allow, you may have the option to work four days with 10-hour shifts.  Discussions about a change in shift/hours should be directed to your supervisor and will be permitted based on workload and business needs.  We will continue to be open Monday – Friday and will need to ensure that the workload can be done and will accommodate accordingly.
If you have an interest in making the switch to the 2nd shift, please alert your supervisor.  This change will take effect on Monday, March 23 and will run through  April 1, 2020.  This is only temporary.
In addition, we will be reducing the number of visitors who come into our offices.  Pick-ups will be by appointment only.  We will not be providing tours, inviting customers and/or vendors to meet with us, we will be using technology to connect and communicate.  We will continue to serve our customers at the level they have come to expect simply.  Our customers will be made aware of these temporary changes.  Customers will be advised to look to our social media pages for updates going forward.

Delivery doors will be locked, a phone number will be provided for those who need to reach us to alert us of their arrival.  We will be working with the team to find the best way to reduce unnecessary interactions with those who don’t need to be in our building and can deliver what we need in the most efficient and effective manner.

In regard to our delivery drivers,  we will be reducing deliveries to our customers and will be relying upon UPS, USPS, FedEx, and others to fill in for us in this regard.  Please plan to ship as much as you can, we hope to reduce and prefer to eliminate all van deliveries at this stage.

If you decide that you prefer to take time off during this time, please submit your PTO request, that process has not changed.

And finally, for those who are in support positions and have the appropriate technology and access to an IP phone plug-in may be given the option to work from home on a temporary basis and must be approved.  This may not apply to all, so please work with your supervisor.  Again this will be re-evaluated on April 1, 2020 as we hope that the CDC will provide updated information and guidance at that time.

Thank you again for being such a great team, we are very fortunate to work among all of you and appreciate that we are surrounded by the best of the best during good times and challenging times!

David Kovacs
Just here having fun with a great team!
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