Team member isolating. Sun July 19th

Hello, We have been notified by a team member in PA that they have mild symptoms related to COVID (shortness of breath, asthma acting up, coughing). This individual will be self-isolating for 7 days and is scheduled to get a COVID test. Testing results are not expected to be available until after the 7 days of self-isolation. They will return to work in 7 days assuming symptoms lessen/disappear or sooner if a negative test result is returned.

According to current recommendations no other team members will self-isolate.

We will provide an update when we are notified of any changes.

This information is for the entire company. This applies to NJ and PA.

Stay home if sick
Wear masks at 10@10
Wear masks while in conversation
If you are talking in the building, do it through a mask.
Wear masks if within 6 feet of another
Wash your hands more frequently
Sanitize your hands if you cannot wash
Sanitize your area daily
Avoid the public