Prepare, Don’t Panic! Sunday, April 5th 2020


  • Time to wear your masks.
  • Keep yourself and each other healthy and safe.
  • Don’t act as if you are invincible or immune, please.
  • Thank you for doing your part.

Time to wear your masks.

There is a new recommendation to wear a mask. We were able to give everyone an N95 Mask. I’m encouraging you to wear the mask when you go out in public. I would also like to encourage you to wear masks while at work whenever you will be within 10′ of other team members. e.g. working the front and back of the laminator; working the front and back of the inserter; working across a table from another, etc.

See your breath with and without a mask.
Link to With or Without Mask –
Link to DIY Mask from the Surgeon General –

Keep yourself and each other healthy and safe.

We are better together. We don’t want to see anyone suffer from COVID-19. Job one is keeping healthy and safe. Stay 6+ feet apart at work. Wash your hands. Wear your mask. Disinfect daily.

Don’t act as if you are invincible or immune, please.

Please, please, please take this seriously. We want to prepare. We don’t want to panic. Chances are you have felt like one of these people . . .

  • “Everyone should stay at home and don’t touch anything!” It would be amazing if everyone could stay home for a month or two so the virus can be stopped. It is not possible for all. We count on many industries to be available for us and there are many who count on us. Be prepared and follow the guidelines that are being shared.
  • “This is overblown, I’m not wearing a mask or staying locked up. You can’t make me!” We are all involved in this and like it or not you will be inconvenienced for a while. Nobody wants to be the one who gives COVID-19 to someone who is unable to survive the virus. You benefit from those around you and nobody is an island. Protect those around you so you can benefit from them again soon.
  • “This is serious, sometimes scary stuff, and I will do my best to stay healthy and protect those around me.” It is understandable that we will have our ups and downs during this pandemic. There will be days where you feel like things are fine and other days where worry creeps into your mind. Focus on what you can control when worry creeps in. Be a helper when you are able.

Thank you for doing your part, keep it up.

Thank you for keeping the business running. By coming in each day and producing great work, we keep our customers loyal. By being flexible and working from home, we reduce the number of opportunities to transmit the virus keeping our team healthy. By finishing your work and going home reduces the duration of possible contact.

While at home, you are staying available to those in the building to help when called on. While not working in the building, you are writing wiki articles, making notes for preventative maintenance. Even when no one is watching, you are teaching others or learning. Thank you, keep it up!