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7am Update

5-9″ Winter Storm, cold and blustery.  Drive in was mix of sleet and snow. 30 MPH side streets and 40 MPH highway, slower before and through curves. Leaving 2-3 times more time to stop.  Detailed Forecast Today- Snow, mainly before

Test of Alert System 2017-01-27

2016-03-04 Friday 8am

Careful on the drive in. Some drivers have found their way into a road side ditch and a guardrail. Be safe.

All is Good

Travel Safely Tuesday Morning

We are on the line of the weather that’s coming. Please travel safely and use the comments section to share your experience driving in. The leaders meeting scheduled for 8:30am is canceled to allow for slower travel times. See weather

Weather Update for Monday Feb 2nd.

Weather will affect our commute Monday whether or not the groundhog sees the effect of the snow tomorrow. Based on how I read the weather, I’m going to get up a little earlier so I can shovel a bit and

Snow Tues 1/27/2015 3:30pm

Everyone use your best judgement, we’ll be closing early today at 4pm. Thanks for the great day, be safe. David.

Snow Tues 01/27/2015 11:00am

11:00am Roads aren’t great but passable. Team members are here and so are the donuts, thanks to Melissa! Travel when it’s safe for you. We will consider closing early based on how the weather and day progresses.   Thanks again